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Church First Aid Kits


Does Your Church Have a Fully Stocked First Aid Kit?

To protect your congregation, clergy, and other members of your church, a fully stocked first aid kit is essential. Medical emergencies and injuries can strike at any time. Keeping a well-maintained first aid kit on hand at all times will provide peace of mind for all churchgoers—and it might even save a life.


Here at ProStat First Aid, we offer a variety of complete first aid kits, both portable and wall-mounted, that are perfect for churches of any size. Our first aid kits come fully stocked with essential items used to treat most common injuries and medical issues. If you’re interested in our first aid kits for your church, get in touch with our team today!

Our Church First Aid Kit Offerings

We offer a large selection of fully stocked first aid kits for any industry or setting here at ProStat First Aid. Typically, Class A kits of types I or II will be sufficient for a church, as more severe or life-threatening injuries are unlikely. Some of our most popular first aid kits suitable for use in a church include:


3 Shelf Class A Industrial with Liner #613A

ProStat First Aid Kit 0613 is a wall-mounted Class A first aid cabinet perfectly suited to meet the needs of a church setting. This kit provides the means to handle most common injuries and medical emergencies, including gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, nitrile gloves, bandages, and supplies for treating burns.

 #25 Class A Steel (1888) or Plastic (1889)

A portable church first aid kit option, ProStat First Aid Kits 1888 and 1889 make excellent choices. These kits, available in either steel (1888) or plastic (1889), are highly portable Class A kits used for treating minor injuries. 

#50 Class A Steel (0650A) or Plastic (0670A)

The Class A kits 0650 and 0670 from ProStat First Aid are also portable options for church use. Similarly to the #25 kits, the #50 kits are available in both steel and plastic. The #50 kits include additional medical supplies compared to the #25 kits, including ammonia inhalant, sting wipes, and eye pad strips.

Protect Your Church Congregation with a First Aid Kit!

While not required, keeping a fully stocked and maintained first aid kit is a good idea for any church. Cuts, scrapes, bruises and more can occur anywhere, especially in areas with small children. By supplying your church with a first aid kit and ensuring members of your congregation and clergy know how to use it, all churchgoers will be kept safer.

Common Medical Issues Treated with First Aid

First aid kits can be used to treat many common injuries and ailments. Typically, cuts and scrapes are the most common medical issues treated with first aid. Most first aid kits also include supplies for treating minor burns, sprains and strains, and stings. Some kits also include a mouth barrier for administering CPR. 

What type of first aid kit is needed at a church?

Class A kits of types I or II will typically be sufficient for a church, as this is a low-risk environment where only minor injuries are likely to occur.

Interested in Our First Aid Kits? Contact Us to Learn More!

Whether your church is large or small, having a complete first aid kit ready is critical to keeping your congregation and clergy safe. Our first aid kits are fully stocked, customizable, and available in a wide range of types to suit your needs.


At ProStat First Aid, we’re dedicated to top quality and fast, reliable service. If you’re not sure which type of first aid kit is best for your church, our service will be glad to walk you through the process and help you choose a kit. Contact us today to get started!

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