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Custom First Aid Kits

At ProStat, we offer a wide variety of stock first aid kits to meet the needs of your business or workplace. In addition to these stock medical kits, however, we also specialize in producing custom first aid kits featuring your brand, logo, and customized messaging.


If you meet minimum order quantities while ordering from ProStat, we’ll customize your plastic or steel first aid kits with the logo and artwork of your choice—at no extra charge! We also provide the option to upgrade to custom first aid kits when purchasing in smaller quantities. Get your custom-branded first aid kits today!


  Express Your
Brand Identity with
Custom First Aid Kits 

What First Aid Kits Can Be Customized?

All first aid kits from ProStat can be customized! This includes both Class A and Class B kits, as well as any of the 4 types of first aid kits, covering both wall-mounted and portable first aid kit options, plastic and steel. 


This flexibility means you can place a custom first aid kit order suited for any workplace, including office settings, manufacturing and heavy industry, construction sites, outdoor workspaces, restaurants, hospitals, and more.

Why Order Custom First Aid Kits for My Business?

Stock kits are perfect for meeting the first aid needs of any workplace or business. However, customizing your first aid kits with a logo, artwork, or personalized messaging meets these needs while providing several additional benefits: 


Property Control

Unfortunately, first aid kits are sometimes removed from workplaces, either by accident or deliberately. This can cause compliance issues and incur increased expenses to purchase replacements.


On the other hand, first aid kits with a customized corporate logo are less likely to “walk off” the job site or facility. This ensures compliance and that proper medical treatment will be available to your employees.


Marketing and Promotion

Increasing the visibility of your brand can be a boost for your business. Branding your first aid kit with your logo and other information provides free advertising and helps to foster better brand recognition.


More Streamlined Reorders

When a first aid kit includes reorder information such as a phone number, item numbers, fax number, and web address, the end user is more likely to reorder from the company of origin. This maintains consistency and ensures that the contents of your first aid kits will be the same no matter where in the workplace they are stored.

Order Minimums and Other Information

When you order from ProStat and reach our order minimums, your customization is completely free. The order minimums vary depending on the type of kit you purchase. Our basic order minimums for free customization are as follows:


  • 24 Kit Minimum for Standard First Aid Kits

  • 12 Kit Minimum for First Aid Cabinets

  • Minimum reorder quantity: 24 complete kits per screen size


Customers may still order custom first aid kits if they do not meet the minimums; however, orders under the minimum quantity are subject to an additional art charge. Artwork charges can also apply for custom screen requests for empty kits. 


Finally, minimum order quantities do not apply to promotional first aid kits. Please contact customer service for a custom promotional kit quote!


Note: Please provide camera ready artwork in a high-resolution format such as a .jpeg, Illustrator file, or other type of hi-res file format only. Resolutions should be at least 300 dpi at the size the artwork will print. Artwork charges can apply if proper artwork is not provided


Contact ProStat to Get Your Custom First Aid Kits Today!

Looking to purchase first aid kits with your own custom branding and logo? The friendly service reps at ProStat are standing by to complete your order and answer any questions you may have about our fully stocked first aid kits. Contact us today!

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