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Class B First Aid Kits


Learn More About the Class B First Aid Kit for High-Risk Workplaces

While just about every first aid kit will provide supplies to handle minor medical issues, only some first aid kits can help treat more significant injuries—and knowing the difference is critical! While the Class A first aid kit is intended for lower-risk workplaces, the Class B first aid kit is equipped with both a greater variety and greater amount of medical supplies for more high-risk work environments.


Here at ProStat First Aid, we offer a wide range of first aid kits to cover the unique needs of your industry. This includes both Class A and Class B first aid kits, as well as each of the four major types of first aid kits within these classes. This page includes all the information you need to know about Class B first aid kits. If you’re not sure whether your industry or workplace carries a high enough injury risk to warrant a Class B first aid kit, get in touch with our team today!

What Is a Class B First Aid Kit?

Class B first aid kits are intended for higher-risk work environments where injuries are more common or the chance of a significant medical issue is elevated. In addition to handling minor injuries such as burns, cuts, scrapes, splinters, and stings, Class B kits can also be used to treat more significant injuries, such as fractures. 

What’s Included in a Class B First Aid Kit?

The precise contents of a Class B first aid kit can vary. In general, Class B kits contain medical supplies above and beyond that of a Class A first aid kit. Class B kits contain all of the medical supplies required for a Class A kit, many in larger amounts. Additionally, Class B kits contain medical supplies needed to treat and/or triage more serious or even life-threatening injuries, such as a padded splint and tourniquet. 


The current standard minimum contents for Class B kits were laid out by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) in 2015. You can view a table listing out these minimum contents at this link.


Note that this standard is a minimum, not a restrictive list. A Class B first aid kit cannot contain less than what’s listed by the ANSI and ISEA. However, extra supplies may be added to suit the needs of a particular work environment or industry. Whether the minimum supplies are adequate will depend on your workplace.

Where Are Class B First Aid Kits Used?

Class B first aid kits can be used to treat minor issues as well as potentially major or even life-threatening injuries. This makes them ideal for use in workplaces where the risk of serious injuries or medical issues is elevated. 


Class B first aid kits are ideal for more densely populated workplaces, due to the greater amount of supplies per kit, as well as for settings like factories, warehouses, construction sites, or outdoor areas. Industries such as manufacturing typically demand that first aid kits are of Class B. Generally speaking, office settings and similar work environments will not require Class B first aid kits. 

ProStat Offers First Aid Kit Customization!

All first aid kits from ProStat can be customized, including our Class B first aid kit offerings. Our team can add a custom logo, artwork, and information to any first aid kits you order. This provides a number of benefits for your company, including marketing, property control, and easier reordering and restocking. Visit our custom first aid kit page to learn more!

Get in Touch with the ProStat Team to Learn More!

If you’re having trouble deciding what class of first aid kit makes the most sense for your workplace, don’t worry! At ProStat, we pride ourselves on prompt, high-quality customer service. Our representatives are standing by to discuss your unique needs and help identify which first aid kit best serves the demands of your business and industry. Contact us today to get started!

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