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Types of First Aid Kits

With so many medical supplies that are useful for treating various injuries, ailments, and medical afflictions, the potential for variation among first aid kits is practically infinite. However, there are also several descriptors that are broadly applied to types of first aid kits. These are the first aid kit classes (Class A and Class B) and the four types of first aid kits (Type I-IV). 

What Types of First Aid Kits Are There?

Here at ProStat First Aid, we offer first aid kits of every type and class. Our kits are designed for quality and reliability, and we also offer custom first aid kits that include your own logo and branding. You can learn more about the types of first aid kits below. If you have any questions, please reach out to us! And for a complete list of our first aid kit offerings here at ProStat, we invite you to take a look at our product catalog. <link to catalog>

Class A and Class B First Aid Kits

One key way that first aid kits differ from one another is their class. First aid kits come in two classes, Class A and Class B. The minimum required contents for both classes of first aid kit, as defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), can be found at this link.

Class A

The Class A first aid kit <link to Class A page> is intended for the treatment of common minor injuries, including burns, cuts, scrapes, splinters, and stings. This makes them ideal for workplaces and other environments where the chances of major injuries are relatively low. They may be found in office settings as well as locations such as a hotel, church, or school.

Class B

The Class B first aid kit is for higher-risk work environments where injuries are more common or life-threatening injuries are more likely. Class B kits contain medical supplies above and beyond that of a Class A first aid kit, such as a padded splint and tourniquet. These first aid kits are typically found in areas such as factories, warehouses, construction sites, or outdoor workplaces.

Types of First Aid Kits

In addition to the two major classes of first aid kits, there are also four general types that first aid kits can fall into. The “type” of a first aid kit depends primarily on the durability and portability of the kit. Different environments can be more or less harsh for equipment such as first aid kits; for instance, a first aid kit is much more likely to be damaged on a construction site than in a traditional office.


The four basic types are:

  • Type I  - Designed for indoor use in settings where damage potential is minimal. Not portable. 

  • Type II - Designed for indoor use in settings where damage potential is minimal. Portable. 

  • Type III - Intended for use in settings where there is some risk of damage due to environmental factors. Should have a water-resistant seal and be able to be mounted. 

  • Type IV - Built for use in harsher environments and settings where the potential for damage due to environmental factors is significant. Fully portable.

ProStat Can Help Determine the Right First Aid Kit for You!

With so many types of first aid kits available, choosing the right one for your workplace, business, or property may seem like a daunting task. Each industry and workplace has unique demands, and some are even subject to OSHA requirements and other regulations. 


That’s where the experts at ProStat First Aid come in! Our friendly service staff has many years of experience in the first aid industry, and we’re standing by to put our knowledge to work for you. We can help determine which type of first aid kit is best and answer any other questions you may have about our process, custom first aid kits, or any other topic. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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