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Industrial First Aid Kits

Protect Your Workers with Industrial First Aid Kits from ProStat

Industrial workplaces carry greater risk of injuries and medical issues than typical office settings. Use of heavy equipment, machinery, and potential exposure to other hazardous conditions creates more risk of serious injuries that may not be treated using basic medical supplies. These enhanced risks make industrial first aid kits and specialized supplies essential for workplaces such as factories, distribution centers, and more.


ProStat First Aid provides fully stocked first aid kits that meet the unique needs of industrial workplaces. With both industrial first aid kit and cabinet offerings, each designed to the requirements of both OSHA and ANSI standards, we have the right first aid kits no matter which industry you operate in. If you’re in need of industrial first aid kits for your workplace, contact our team today!


What First Aid Kits Are Needed for Industrial Workplaces?

While specific first aid requirements may vary depending on your industry, industrial first aid kits will typically be Class B. Class B first aid kits are intended for higher-risk work environments where severe injuries are more likely. These first aid kits include supplies for dealing with minor injuries as well as splints and tourniquets to address severe and potentially life-threatening situations.


Because of these additional supplies, Class B first aid kits are ideal for densely populated workplaces and for settings such as distribution centers, factories, construction sites, and other industrial workplaces.

Our Industrial First Aid Kits

At ProStat first aid, we offer several first aid kits intended for use in industrial workplaces. This includes both portable kits and wall-mounted cabinet versions with more storage capacity. Some of our most popular industrial first aid kits include:


ANSI 2015 Minimum Class B Steel (1890) or Plastic (1891) Kit

Wall-Mounted Class B Kits (0612B, 0613B, 0614B)

3 Shelf Class A Industrial with Liner #613A

Our most popular Class B kits, items 1890 and 1891 include a wide range of industrial first aid supplies in a portable steel or plastic case. These kits are highly versatile, meeting the requirements of ANSI 2015 standards and providing supplies for treating both minor injuries and more severe medical issues. Because of their portability, these kits are ideal for settings where wall-mounting may not be an option, such as construction sites and other outdoor settings.

We also offer a wide selection of wall-mounted industrial first aid cabinets. These cabinets include varying amounts of first aid supplies, with two-, three-, four-, and five-shelf cabinets available. First aid cabinets can house more supplies than a traditional kit, making these ideal for workplaces with a higher density of workers and where onsite injuries, both minor and major, are more common. 

Kit 0613 is a wall-mounted Class A first aid cabinet perfectly suited to meet the needs of lower-risk industrial settings or offices within industrial complexes. This kit provides the means to handle most common injuries and medical emergencies, including gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, nitrile gloves, bandages, and supplies for treating burns.

Contact ProStat to Learn More About Our Industrial First Aid Kits!

Worker safety is crucial in any workplace, but especially so in industrial settings, where severe injuries are more likely. Our first aid kits come fully stocked and are able to meet the demands of your workplace, as well as the requirements of the ANSI and OSHA. We also offer first aid kit customization, where you can add company branding, logos, and more to your order.


If you have questions or would like to place an order, contact ProStat First Aid today! Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives can help identify which first aid kits are most suitable to your workplace and complete your order promptly.

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