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What Type of First Aid Kit Do I Need?

When it comes to providing medical supplies in the workplace, the OSHA first aid requirement simply states that “Adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available.” For many business owners, this leads to confusion. What qualifies as “adequate”? And how do you know? With so many types of first aid kits available, which do I need for my business to meet the OSHA first aid requirement?


Here at ProStat First Aid, we specialize in helping businesses across many different industries achieve compliance with first aid requirements and regulations. The answer to the question of which first aid kit is needed to meet OSHA standards can vary depending on a number of factors. So today, we’re taking a look at some of the key considerations to keep in mind when deciding on a first aid kit!


What Is the Risk Level of Your Workplace?

Perhaps the most important piece of information in determining the right first aid kit for your needs is the risk level of your workplace. This includes two key factors: how common are injuries in your workplace, and how severe do injuries tend to be?


If injuries are uncommon or the risk of severe injury is extremely low, a Class A first aid kit is likely the right choice. These first aid kits are equipped with the medical supplies necessary for treating common minor injuries. Class A first aid kits are commonly found in offices, schools, churches, and other areas where the risk of severe injury is low.


On the other hand, if injuries are relatively common and/or the risk of severe injury is elevated, a Class B first aid kit will likely be necessary to satisfy the OSHA first aid requirement. Class B first aid kits include additional supplies necessary to treat more severe or life-threatening injuries, such as a splint and tourniquet. These kits also include larger quantities of the basic medical supplies found in Class A first aid kits.


What Types of Injuries Are Most Common?

Of course, there are multiple kinds of Class A and Class B first aid kits. The first step in determining which specific kit is right for you is understanding the types of injuries your workers are most likely to sustain. 


For example, restaurant first aid kits should include plenty of supplies for treating injuries associated with cooking, such as cuts and burns. On the other hand, first aid kits for workers that spend more time outside should include supplies for treating insect stings. Take the time to assess your industry and workplace to determine which types of injuries are most likely.


What Kind of Environment Will Your First Aid Kit Be Used in?

In addition to the two ANSI classes, first aid kits also come in four types. Each type, listed from I-IV, is designed to withstand a specific amount of environmental exposure. This is because workplaces vary greatly in terms of how likely it is for a first aid kit to be damaged. For example, a kit designed for use in an indoor office won’t survive long in a construction site or other outdoor environment.


Additionally, the four different types of first aid kits feature varying levels of portability. The OSHA first aid requirement mandates that first aid be “readily available,” which means they must be accessible within a short amount of time. For a small office, a single, wall-mounted first aid cabinet will likely be adequate for meeting this requirement. However, work environments that cover a larger area will likely need a larger number of first aid kits, portable first aid kits, or both.


You can learn more about each of the four types of first aid kits at this page <link to Type 1-4 page/article>.


Need Help Meeting the OSHA First Aid Requirement? ProStat Is Standing By!

Remaining in compliance with the OSHA first aid requirement can seem tricky, especially since “adequate first aid supplies” can look very different depending on your industry, work environment, and number of employees. Luckily, our team here at ProStat First Aid has decades of experience in the first aid industry. Over the years, we’ve put this knowledge to great use helping countless customers choose the right type of first aid kit for their needs. 

Need help finding the right first aid kit for your workplace or property? The ProStat First Aid team is standing by! Contact us today.

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