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Workplace First Aid Kits


Keep Your Workplace Safe with ProStat First Aid Kits for Businesses

One of the most important responsibilities of any business owner is to keep workers, customers, and clients safe. A workplace first aid kit is the first line of defense in the event of an injury or other medical emergency that occurs at your place of business. Prompt first aid improves the safety of all who enter your business, keeps your workplace in compliance, and might even save someone’s life.


ProStat First Aid offers a wide workplace first aid kit selection, including both kits and cabinets to suit the needs of businesses in all industries. No matter your business model, be it an office, a storefront, or anything else, we have the right top-quality first aid kits for your workplace! Our friendly representatives can help determine the right type and number of first aid kits for your business and industry. Get in touch with us to get started!

Our Workplace First Aid Kit Offerings

Workplace first aid kits can vary greatly depending on the work environment. For corporate and office settings, a Class A kit of type I or II is typically sufficient. These kits contain basic medical supplies for treating the most common types of injuries. For higher-risk environments, such as industrial settings, a Class B first aid kit may be necessary. Visit our page on industrial first aid kits for more information! Some of our most popular first aid kits for use in an office or other common workplace include:


3 Shelf Class A Industrial with Liner #613A

#25 Class A Steel (1888) or Plastic (1889)

#50 Class A Steel (0650A) or Plastic (0670A)

ProStat First Aid Kit 0613 is a wall-mounted Class A first aid cabinet perfectly suited to meet the needs of most corporate and office settings. This kit provides the means to handle most common injuries and medical emergencies, including gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, nitrile gloves, bandages, and supplies for treating burns.

Both portable first aid kit options, ProStat First Aid Kits 1888 and 1889 make excellent choices for the average workplace. The #25 kits are available in either steel (1888) or plastic (1889) and are readily portable. 

The Class A kits 0650 and 0670 are also portable first aid kit options for the low-risk workplace.  As with the #25 kits, the #50 kits come in either steel or plastic cases, making this offering flexible enough to meet the needs of various work environments. The #50 kits include medical supplies not standard in the #25 kits, including ammonia inhalant, sting wipes, and eye pad strips.

Custom-Branded First Aid Kits Are Perfect for the Workplace!

Here at ProStat First Aid kit, all of our first aid kit offerings can be customized with your business’s logo, imagery, branding, and even business information. Custom first aid kits are our specialty!


Custom first aid kits offer unique benefits for your business. They provide a free marketing opportunity for your business by increasing your brand’s visibility, and they also provide greater property control, ensuring your first aid kits don’t leave your office. Custom first aid kits may also include reorder information, which helps to streamline future reorders.

How many first aid kits are required in the workplace?

The right number of first aid kits will vary greatly depending on the number of workers employed and the injury risk level for a given workplace. Businesses that employ a small number of workers will be adequately served by one first aid kit. The first aid kit count required to remain OSHA compliant increases with additional employees; however, OSHA does not list specific numbers. 


To determine the right number of first aid kits for your workplace, ProStat’s first aid experts will be happy to assist you. An OSHA representative will also be able to provide required count information as needed.

Interested in Our First Aid Kits? Contact Us to Learn More!

For all workplaces, and for businesses both large and small, ProStat First Aid has the perfect first aid kits to keep workers and customers safe. Our high-quality first aid kits come fully stocked, are completely customizable, and are available in a wide range of varieties to suit the needs of your workplace and meet any safety regulations governing your industry.


We’re dedicated to exceptional quality and fast, friendly customer service here at ProStat. If you’re not sure what type of first aid kit is best for your workplace, our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help! Contact us today to get started with your order.

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